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KMAC Couture 2017

Main Street, Louisville, KY

Chaired by: Theresa Carpenter Beames


Color is everywhere and a deep part of the human experience. We are introduced to vivid color and distinguishing tones beginning in infant stages of life. For many, color informs daily choices, patterns and perspectives.
Color theory connects us to centuries of creative expression seen by artists using vivid colors as texture and narrative, like Sam Gilliam, Helen Frankenthaler and Dan Flavin, or artists who use lack of color as texture, like Eva Hesse or designer Alexander Wang. Color can be a symbol of beauty and power, as well as a political tool used to divide and isolate. This year, KMAC Couture artists will challenge the vast spectrum of color as a subject matter by adding layers of creative interpretation that evoke emotion.

Through color, KMAC Couture V will continue to explore the connection between art and fashion. Choose your Spectra!



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