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About This Suitcase

Fiber art at its very core is a reflection and repurposing of the textile arts, a medium that has been practiced around the globe for thousands of years, making fiber art a mix of both old and new traditions.  Many cultures from around the world have traditionally used textiles to create functional objects, or rather objects that one could use in everyday life to serve a purpose.  It was not until after World War II that the term fiber art began to be used by curators and art historians to describe work by artist-craftsmen. Nonfunctional forms in fibrous media began to be considered valid forms of art, a recognition that separated fiber art from its traditional associations in the practical and domestic. Fiber artists explore the different qualities and artistic possibilities of their medium in order to develop nontraditional works, works that break the mold of what textiles are typically meant to create.

Sample Activities

  • The Wonders of Weaving

  • Weaving a Rag Rug

  • Quilting a Story

  • Fiber Collage Portrait

  • Making an Adinkra Cloth

  • Make a Mola Using Felt


What You’ll Learn

  • Elements of Art

  • Principles of Design

  • Types of Art

  • Purposes of Art

  • Fiber Art Vocabulary


What’s Inside

  • Lesson plans for activities

  • Information on significant artists

  • Books/Publications

  • Artist's works

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