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40 Years of Recrafting KMAC

April 24--August 1, 2021. 

Displaying the work of forty artists, this exhibition charts KMAC’s forty-year growth from 1981 when it was first christened the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation, to its present designation as an art museum that explores how craft activity and other forms of cultural expression inform contemporary artistic production. 


With Kentucky at the center of this forty-year narrative our program features artists from the region and beyond, providing an ever-expanding context for our state’s creative community. During the intervening years, between the foundation and the museum, the institution was known as the Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery, at one point representing over 500 folk and craft-based artists, including jewelry makers, furniture designers and other artisans from the Commonwealth.


Reflecting on KMAC’s past, this forty-year survey culls from the museum’s permanent collection, along with work by artists who were presented in major solo and group exhibitions from 1981 to the present. Additionally, the exhibition showcases artists who are new to the museum, but who, through a range of forward-thinking processes and ideas, represent the future of a museum that continually reimagines the spaces where art and craft converge.

Featured Artists

Suzanne Adams

Elmer Lucille Allen

Noel W. Anderson

Megan Bickel

Amalia Galdona Broche

Wendell Castle 

Kiah Celeste

Fong Choo

G. Caliman Coxe

William M. Duffy

Henry Faulkner

Wayne Ferguson 

Marvin Finn 

Mike Goodlett

Ed Hamilton 

Ron Isaacs

Vinhay Keo

Helen LaFrance

Thaniel Ion Lee

Simone Leigh 

Alma Lesch

Kathleen Lolley

Ralph Eugene Meatyard 

Zephra May-Miller

Mark Anthony Mulligan

Jordan Nassar

Willian J. O’Brien

Ebony G. Patterson

Ché Rhodes

Matthew Ronay

Sheena Rose

Arturo Alonzo Sandoval

Rebekka Seigel

Claire Sherman 

Penny Sisto

Vian Sora

Stan Squirewell

Donny Tolson

Beatrice Wood

LaVon Van Williams, Jr.

Special Thanks To

Clifton Anderson
Julie and William C. Ballard
David Downey
Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles
The Folk Art Center, Morehead, KY
Ed Hamilton
Henry Heuser

Hockensmith's Fine Art Editions Gallery and Press

Johanna and PA Howard

Institute 193
Milliard and Wendy Lesch
Leslie and James Millar

Susan Moremen
Moremen Gallery, Louisville
Cesar Padilla and Radford Brown
Mary and Alfred R. Shands
David Sullivan

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