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KMAC Couture 2023 Artists

Interested in learning more about this year's KMAC Couture artists, their process, inspiration, and motivation? Read selections from their interviews below!

Ainsley Alexander

Alynn Sherman

Angela Davis

Abby Neltner

Autumn Bay

Candy Zhang and Jennifer Chen

Cathy Wade Coakley

Charley Drew-Wolak

Chloe Bailey

Claire Kreuger

Cicada Wilkinson

Danielle Vettraino

Danika Isdahl

Deji Lasisi

E’Lesha Toomer

Edward Taylor

Edwin Ramirez, Sabra L. Crockett, and Robert Major

Elizabeth Haigh

Ella Vap

Evon Daley

Fiyin Lasisi

Frances Brunner

Grey Vanderwoude

Harlie Anderson

Isaac St. Thomas

Jack Scantland and Vicki Norton

Jessica Sharp

John Begley and Linda Hawpe

Kara Mason

Karen Nelson

Kassandra Johnson

Kate Grissom

Katherine Rousonelos and Brady Irwin

Katie and Molly Ensor

Kaylee Bliss

Kris Thompson

Laura Bernethia

Laura Patterson

Lilia Zamanian and Kayden Chambers

Lillian Moseley

Lilly Gaunt

Mandi Mudd and Alma Martinez Torres

Marie Johnston and Leni Agosto

Maya Rawlins

Mireia Cecil and Edward Ruzicka

Moon-he Baik

Muny Mok

Mya Lache

Pascalle Ballard, Carly Lagrange and Chaney Given

Patricia Parrill

Payten Seawood and Sophia Cheever

Rachel Schmidt

Rebecca Richards and Stivan Widick

Samantha Jean Moore

Sara Jane Coakley

Sophia Ovechkin and Lillie Hale

Wende Cudmore

Will Delozier and Nola Melhuish

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