The perfect complement to Balster's karine cups, this decanter is a classic style with a modern, colorful twist! Traditionally, the wide bottom shape was essential to keep one's decanter from falling over during rough sea voyages. The whole body is decorated in an optic fluting, with swirls of color in the base. Finished off with a glass stopper to properly seal your spirits for future libation. Stands 13" H x 6" W. Holds approximately 0.75 liter. Available in multicolor. 


Chad Balster (Louisville, KY) first started working in glass in Minneapolis in 1996 as a balmy summer job. Balster followed "hot glass" all over the country and then to Louisville where he was invited to be a resident artist at Louisville Glassworks, teaching and producing art. In 2012, he started Chad Balster Glass.

Karine Ships Decanter by Chad Balster Glass