Each of these darling stuffed animals from Lille Folk Shop has their own unique story. Who will you choose? Each plushy is handmade and will vary slightly. Approximately 12 inches tall, unless otherwise noted. Materials: Linen, linen/rayon blend, stuffing, embroidery thread. 


Penny Penguin  (*approximately 8 inches tall) has been on countless expeditions in her hometown of Antarctica, and she's longing to see new places. Will you introduce her to your part of the world and take her on a new adventure?

Theodore Bear, or Teddy for short, is learning to bear with others in love and patience, especially with his little siblings. He loves meeting new friends and hopes to meet you!

Foxworthy is a clever and cunning fox who loves figuring out ways to get out of trouble, and out of doing his chores! He would love to meet a new friend and sidekick!

Wolfson is a young grey wolf who is learning to use his words rather than crying when he gets frustrated. But when he’s not upset, he’s happy and sweet, and loves making new friends!


Denise Rhee Yoon is a part time homeschooling mom of two kids and a small business owner and maker.  Lille Folk Shop was born from Denise’s love to bring fabrics to life by creating these charming little characters.  Their simple, timeless, and whimsical aesthetic makes these darling stuffed animals irresistible to the young, and to the young at heart.  Each stuffed animal is sewn and hand embroidered by Denise in her Louisville, KY home workshop.

Lille Folk Shop Plushy