We see artist Mack Dryden's work as the perfect combination of traditional craft and modern design! This driftwood decor piece is especially stunning hung above a mantel or as a focal point in your wall space. Dimensions: 38"H x8"W x 3"D. *Additional shipping charges will apply.


Although woodworking has been his lifelong hobby, Mack Dryden (Louisville, KY) has made his living as an actor/writer/stand-up comedian for four decades, appearing in a number of movies and TV series. When he and his wife moved from LA to Louisville, he was inspired by the vast piles of driftwood at the Falls of the Ohio. He has built several major installations for local bars and restaurants; his work is in a number of notable collections and has been exhibited in New York City and Santa Fe. “I just try to give voice to the wood,” he said. “Usually it says, ‘Look how beautiful I already am’.”

Long Time Comin' by Riverborne Art