Another gorgeous piece from Ron Gurgol, this Spalted Maple bowl includes a seat with pressed and dyed cucumber and melon under epoxy resin. This is a signature element Gurgol incorporates with the help of his parter and fellow artist, Wende Cudmore. We love this bowl as a centerpiece on your tabletop! Dimensions:9.5"W x 5"H. 


Ron Gurgol (Salem, IN) first became interested in the art of wood turning in high school, but did not have the opportunity to work on his craft until 2018 after purchasing a refurbished lathe to practice on. Gurgol has been turning ever since, creating pieces from dead or discard trees. He also incorporates resin and often collaborates with his longtime partner and fellow KMAC artist, Wende Cudmore, to make each piece even more unique.

Spalted Maple Bowl by Ron Gurgol