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Amanda Ross-Ho

Contents and Index

December 16 - April 8, 1st and 2nd Floor Gallery

CONTENTS AND INDEX  presents a diverse selection of works by Los Angeles based artist Amanda Ross-Ho. Spanning a broad time period, some works on view have never before been exhibited. Recontextualized from their original chronology into a new presentation, they provide a unique perspective on the artist’s multifaceted practice.

For more than a decade, Ross-Ho has cultivated a reflexive practice that directly engages ecologies of the human experience in relation to sites of production and display. Looking at the space of the studio with a forensic gaze, she performs meticulous theatrical reenactments of authentic activity, and systematically amplifies humble artifacts into monuments. Call and response, shifts in scale, and the insistent repetition of forms and images lend to an increasingly massive archive of work that is at once analytic, theatrical, and diaristic.

Amanda Ross-Ho, "BLUE GLOVE LEFT, #3" 2015

Dyed stretched cotton sateen, acrylic paint, cotton piping, armature wire, 70"x42". Courtesy of the artist and Shane Campbell Gallery.

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