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KMAC Museum features artists who have developed a personal and highly critical dialogue with their chosen materials. The ideas and issues that are expressed in the works on view are nurtured through a diversity of material explorations related to pen and ink drawing, ceramics, woodworking, painting, photography, glassmaking, film, video, and found objects. Demonstrating the ways in which artists think through material, the exhibition provides insight into how certain creative endeavors push traditional process beyond the limits of conventional practice and allow materials to inform and resonate personal, historical, social, and political issues.


With attention to the various origins and physical properties of the materials and methods used in the exhibition, the resulting artworks highlight both aesthetic and conceptual qualities in equal measure, triggering issues related to the human experience, whilst revealing the sensory and mnemonic effects of the art encounter.


KMAC Museum exhibits an area of artistic production and innovation where ideas and the physical nature of materials intersect with equal pliability. Artists mining this territory are in constant dialogue with the history of their chosen materials and the ways they can subvert our normal associations and interactions with the physical world.

Special thanks to Homepage Realty for providing 360° virtual walkthroughs  of KMAC exhibitions.

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