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KMAC Permanent Collection

KMAC Museum’s permanent collection consists of about 300 pieces, rich in regional art, working to bridge ideas of traditional folk art to the vast conversation of contemporary art. The collection largely encompasses aspects of Kentucky’s geographical and cultural context through themes of agriculture, domestic life, economy, class, religious belief, and pastimes influenced by a predominantly rural setting.


Although a significant facet of the collection represents Kentucky within this specific regional legacy the idea of supporting a current and local prosperity of talents alongside building a collection that encompasses nationally and internationally recognized work is a prevailing objective. Proceeding with this objective, in recent years KMAC has accessioned work by artists such as Wendell Castle, Ebony Patterson, and Simone Leigh; all living artists whose work is grounded in the materials and processes representative of traditional craft also who maintain positions as noteworthy figures within the landscape of contemporary art.


Projects surrounding the collection include planning and curating rotating exhibitions within a remodeled gallery space, educational programming, stewardship and storage development, and collection growth based upon the trajectory of the Collections plan endorsed by the Collections Committee. The goals for collection growth reiterate a connection to local artists but also assist in building increased credibility for KMAC to function as a repository of Contemporary art that engages in a regional, national, and international conversation.

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