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KMAC Poetry Slam

KMAC Poetry Slams are one of Louisville's premiere slam poetry events. Taking place on the last Saturday of each month at 5:30 PM (unless otherwise noted), the Slam is a competition amongst local poets and juried by audience members. Our Slams currently take place at KMAC Museum (715 W Main Street). The Poetry Slam  is presented in partnership with Lance Newman and Young Poets of Louisville. 

This event is free to attend. If you're interested in competing, please meet with the Slam host, Lance Newman,  around ten minutes before the start of the slam. We recommend having one poem for each of the three rounds. The fee to compete is $10. 

Please check our calendar or social media for the latest announcements regarding dates, times, and locations. For more information, please email the Visitor Services Team, at

Our next Poetry Slam is on Saturday, May 25th, 5:30 - 7:30 PM

In 2020, the Slam was modified into a virtual program consisting of individual video episodes, which can be accessed below. Each video showcases poets and features workshop segments with Lance Newman.

KMAC Poetry Series Episode 1

Featuring Diamond Roberts 

KMAC Poetry Series Episode 2

Featuring Rapheal Jenkins

KMAC Poetry Series Episode 3 

Featuring Christopher Derome and Gina Marie

KMAC Poetry Series Episode 4

Featuring Jasmine Collins and Rashad Mitchell


"Mr. Spreadlove"  - Lance G. Newman

Lance G. Newman II was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a writer, poet, host, actor, performing, visual and teaching artist. His experience is the culmination of a 16 year career performing around the country. As a playwright, he helped create plays such as the Smoketown Poetry OperaThe Westend Poetry Opera and The Blood Always Returns. Under the name SpreadLovEnterprise, he teaches his creative writing and public speaking curriculum in schools, community centers and service providing organizations. He hosts the largest and longest running poetry slam in Louisville, created the public art “LITS Project” on 4th Street,  and has been featured in newspapers, commercials and the feature film Frathouse.  Newman is better known by the moniker ‘Mr. SpreadLove,’ a local man of worldly talent.



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