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Blue’s found-object sculptures approach the exotic. Taking diverse
synthetic and natural elements, he splices them into elegant mysteries, primarily shaped by color, texture and form. Strangely familiar, yet decidedly foreign, he chooses to leave his work untitled, opening up the metaphorical dance floor for interpretation.

The tire piece he currently has in this show sprang from a well-incubated thought which grew from seeing tires embedded on a beach to the herringbone pattern of stacked tires on a garage lot, to a bean collage he did as a birthday card for friends and finally to creating a snakeskinned pattern.

Another work (though not here) is his 2009 Untitled — an installation comprising rope, a bull shark jaw, and 567 hours of cassette tape. The shark’s jaw is suspended from the ceiling and the tape looks a bit like brown seaweed or oil spewing from the inside of the invisible beast’s mouth to pool just so on the gallery floor.

Curry lives and works in London, UK. He is a graduate of the MFA Fine Art program at Goldsmiths College, London, where his final show was listed as one of the ten best in the country by the former editor of Art Review magazine. His first solo exhibition in the USA opened in November at Toomer Labzda Gallery in NYC.

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