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Sheena Rose

This young artist, who graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree,
works with paint, drawings and silk-screening techniques represent
elements of Barbadian everyday culture and social situations. She is
known for her hand drawn animations and has exhibited her work
regionally and internationally, with exhibitions throughout the Caribbean,
the U.S, South Africa and South America.

Sheena describes her work by saying, “The primary focus of my animation
is something that I can arguably say everyone struggles with, and that is
constantly thinking about our daily problems. There are not very many
times during the day when our minds are at rest. We are always dwelling
on something that we need to do; a broken relationship, how we are
going to manage paying the electricity bill as well as buying new school
uniforms at the end of the month, not driving the car unnecessarily
because gas costs more now-a-days. I am interested in the daily lives of
Barbadian people, especially with what is going on in their minds.”

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