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KMAC Couture 2019

Main Street, Louisville, KY

Chaired by: Debbie Huddleston Mitchell

"The Ideal Human"

Through fashion you can understand the world. I like fashion because you can make a story from it that inhabits a certain possible world. —Vivienne Westwood


 How do you express your wildest understanding of the world? Show us all the possibilities of interpreting human greatness through dynamic expressions of materials on the human form. For KMAC Couture 2019, we are asking Artists to share their visions of “a certain possible world”, by interpreting the ideal human for the runway. 


In this age of personal empowerment and individual expression, we are issuing a call for symbols of strength, morality, wisdom, beauty and intelligence—qualities that magnify and clarify the human condition. The materials, colors, and forms our Artists use to convey their interpretation of the ideal human, in whatever form they may choose, will give the audience a broader appreciation of the diversity of our city. KMAC Couture Artists will imagine new ways of portraying an expanded and improved vision of ourselves, and of those around us.



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