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This artist, who currently teaches at University of Kentucky, works in several media including photography, fiber, and mixed media. Gully Godz depicts elements of male Dancehall culture which characteristically has strong elements of homophobia yet embraces feminine fashion/bling adornments and facebleaching. Many of her works represent the latest image trends which often are complex social blends of race and sex.

In Gully Godz in Conversation, Patterson photographed a grouping of men, turned the photo into a tapestry, and then embellished it with bling. Indirectly referencing through the medium the Bayeux Tapestries or The Lady and the Unicorn, Patterson is linking history and contemporary Jamaica, interposing the mythic in a contemporary dialogue of masculine and feminine.

She has taught in the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, the Sam Fox College of Design & Visual at Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Virginia and is currently an Assistant Professor in Painting at the University of Kentucky. She has shown her artwork in numerous solo and private exhibitions, such as Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art,Brooklyn Museum, (2007), National Biennial, National Gallery of Jamaica,(2006,2008,2010),Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Rockstone and Bootheel,Real Artways, (2010) and Wrestling With the Image, Museum of the Americas (2011.)

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