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1. Food and Oil
Trinidad is wealthy compared to other Caribbean countries, and this is
founded on its oil industry. What will we do when the oil runs out? We will
have to rely on our ingenuity, on the over abundant creative abilities of
our people who descend from a rich mix of cultural and ethnic
backgrounds. The Baby offers a "doubles", even as the last drop of oil runs
from an enamel or tin cup. 'Doubles', is a street food, found only in
Trinidad, invented from necessity by Indian Immigrants, based on
traditional Indian cuisine, now like a national quick breakfast food for all

2. Flora and Fauna
The Scarlet Ibis, one of the two national birds of Trinidad and Tobago,
and other native flora and fauna, endemic only to T&T, is
under threat from pollution, loss of habitat and hunting. Just as child
abuse is increasing, the Baby holds them in his hands for safety.

3. Salt and Sugar
The sugar industry was closed down in 2008.Traditionally the plantations
were worked by Indian immigrants whose once vibrant communities are
now depressed and decaying. They were given a mountain of salt to
suck, a Trini-metaphor for hard times.

4. Agony and Ecstasy
Trinidad bleeds from unparalleled levels of crime. The Baby carries the
Ohm symbol offering peace, love and harmony in our togetherness.


- Wendy Nanan

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