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KMAC Couture X

April 16, 2022 

Curatorial statement 

Mystical Heart presents a suite of new narrative paintings from Louisville based artist Cynthia Norton. Illustrating her explorations in performance-art, as demonstrated throughout the arc of her alter ego Ninnie, Norton repurposes salvaged furniture, such as found bedframes and mantles, as both physical and metaphorical framing devices. Encapsulated within these domestic objects, Norton’s visual chronicle of her journey as a roving artist, musician, and performer is placed into a nostalgic setting with evocations of childhood space, a liminal dreamlike place where memories and daydreams merge into a singular history of artistic exploration. Norton’s creative output as a multi-disciplinary artist has long been centered around the evolving growth and transformation of Ninne, a character-driven storyline turned art practice. Norton explores an array of impressions derived from the culture of the American South, informing it with her knowledge of and experience with art history, feminism, religion, and mythmaking. 

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