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KMAC Couture 2016

Main Street, Louisville, KY

Chaired by: Theresa Carpenter Beames

"Transient Beings"

The relationship between art and clothing is one of the most creative and constantly evolving areas of human activity. It is a zone of transformation where fashion designers like Alexander McQueen explored fantasy and theatricality, where artist Nick Cave challenges our ideas of race, class and gender, and where artist Andrea Zittel finds personal liberation through the effective use of the uniform. Over time, as our lives become altered by the environment, conflict, success and setbacks, we modify our surroundings to accommodate our changing world. We are all, in a sense, transient beings in a constant state of flux. Artists and designers demonstrate the unlimited potential for clothes to empower us all to move forward with strength and conviction, even during times of uncertainty and instability. 
KMAC Couture is dedicated to examining how materials, social interaction and labor can be transformed into relevant and meaningful art that permeates every facet of our lived experience.



Photographs Courtesy of:
Gary Barragan


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