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KMAC Couture 2018

Main Street, Louisville, KY

Chaired by: Debbie Huddleston Mitchell

"On the Street"

For being seen, the street is our stage.  What we wear tells multiple stories of perception, both in ourselves and in others.  KMAC Couture VI brings the most compelling and ambitious Kentucky-based artists together in a curated, live runway fashion exhibition on April 14, 2018.  This year, KMAC Museum continues the exploration of wearable art created by local artists with works that are original, influential and significant.


The late design visionary and New York Times style photographer, Bill Cunningham, said "the greatest fashion show is on the street".  Cunningham was able to capture and help tell the story of his subjects through his photography.  His muses ran the gamut from Park Avenue socialites to punk club kids and from fashion week models to bag ladies.  The common thread in his subjects were the personal stories that were being conveyed by what they chose, and in some cases, didn't choose to wear.  The street became their runway.


In 2018, KMAC Couture takes the next step in telling our artists' stories.  They will send their creations down the runway as an expression of their unique and individual design narratives. The KMAC Couture runway becomes the greatest fashion show on our streets.



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