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KMAC Couture 2020


Chaired by: Lorie Davenport


IN THE COSMOS: REVEALING YOUR SECRET SELF We’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. —Carl Sagan 


Carl Sagan understood that the way to grapple with existential human issues, and our physical place in the universe, is to look at the bigger picture and our small presence in it. We are part of a larger, more dynamic ecosystem that reaches beyond the deep blue sky and exists far beyond the stars we see in the night sky. “The cosmos, the vast space beyond our earth’s atmosphere, is a place to be considered with awe—something separate from our physical world, but very much a part of each of us. To magnify humankind’s relationship to the cosmos, and to bring the galaxy closer to home, Sagan stated that “we are made up of stardust.” He adds being curious in the galaxy gives us life, and that pursuing knowledge, in turn, gives life meaning. 


A successful sculptural piece worn on the KMAC Couture runway adopts the same premise. Artists with the courage to expose some larger secret of themselves, create a piece that is lovingly articulated and presented in our “KMAC cosmos”—an exploration of something incredible waiting to be known. A KMAC Couture artwork does not necessarily have to be made out of “star stuff”, but the works must make a statement that encourages both the Artist and the Viewer to explore and push the boundaries of their secret selves. 


In 2020, KMAC hosts its eighth edition of KMAC Couture. The number eight has many references in literature and science as a balanced, symmetrical number that connotes regeneration, while 2020 has its own symmetry and beauty in Arabic notation. As we enter the 3rd decade of this rapidly changing century, we invite you to explore these themes and share your own “star stuff” with us on the KMAC Couture runway, and join in our annual endeavor to spread knowledge, compassion and artistic brilliance out into the cosmos.

The Film

The Looks

Photographs Courtesy of:
Gary Barragan


Director: Ben Newkirk

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