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Summer 2022 Cultural Pass Activity

KMAC Museum Virtual Field Trip
Crafting the Vernacular
  • Ages 0-18

  • Visual Art, Arts Education, Museums


In this virtual field trip, travel through the KMAC exhibition Crafting the Vernacular . Students will explore the artwork of contemporary glass artists Ché Rhodes, SaraBeth Post, Corey Pemberton, Therman Statom, Leo Tecosky, and Nate Watson, originally on view at KMAC from November 20, 2021-April 3, 2022. Educator Joanna Miller will talk about the term "vernacular,"  which can mean a mother tongue, a native language or regional dialect. It can also refer to aspects of culture, like architecture, domestic interiors, hairstyles, and clothing, as you'll see in this field trip. Click the video player to get started!

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