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Ellie Ga, born in New York City and obtained her MFA at Hunter College in 2004.
Ga is an artist who infuses the genres of memoir, documentary, travelogue, photography, video, installation and other various media in order to create a performance project that is both narrative and visual.
In the performance presented here, Ga has drawn upon her experience in 2007 as the
“artist-in-residence” on the Tara; a research vessel on voyage towards the North Pole to collect scientific data for several areas of study and field work. During this voyage the vessel was struck by a fierce storm that left the vessel locked in ice. She uses self created documents and archived materials such as photographs, videos, sketches, maps, travel logs and recorded sound in combination with live storytelling in order to submerge her audience into a recreation of the conditions the crew endured, the created rituals, forms of communication and entertainment the crew used during heir icy hiatus in a remote part of the planet.
Ga has used this format to create other layered works of  narrative and visual delights that have been exhibited in her home town of New York, as well as internationally in Paris, Hong Kong, Oslo, Sicily, Stockholm and Toronto just to name a few. This process gives new meaning and depth to storytelling and pushes the experience to a whole new level. 

Deck of Tara Reading

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