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About This Suitcase

Folk art is art made by people with no formal artistic training., and it often reflects traditional values and beliefs such as a reverence for religion, hard work, community, nature, and the home. Common imagery in folk art includes animals, Bible stories, and scenes of rural life. Folk artists tend to use materials that are readily available, such as scrap wood, found objects, and house paint. Traditional folk art often involves embellishment of utilitarian objects such as quilts, signs, weathervanes, and tools. Contemporary art termed "folk" art may overlap with what is called "outsider," self-taught," or "visionary" art.

Sample Activities

  • Create a Critter

  • Mapping a Scene

  • Folk Art Self-Portraits

  • Recycled Art


What You’ll Learn

  • Elements of Art

  • Principles of Design

  • Types of Art

  • Purposes of Art


What’s Inside

  • Lesson plans for activities

  • Information on significant artists

  • Books/Publications

  • Artist's works

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