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Sometimes it's best to just...get away from it all

KMAC artworks are now available for you to own in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Since its launch in mid-March, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a worldwide sensation. The life-simulator video game offers the kind of escape for players to build and furnish their own homes, catch bugs and fish, plant beautiful gardens, build a museum from the ground up, and moreall from the comfort of their real-life couches.

And while a recent software update for the game added art galleries to display works by Manet, Vermeer, Caravaggio, and others to the in-game museum (all curated by Blathers the owl, of course), players may be asking: Where’s the contemporary art?

Don’t worry, friendsKMAC is coming to Animal Crossing!

Expand your in-game collection to include contemporary art!

Now, you can own works from KMAC’s collection and past exhibitions (without even spending a single Nook Mile)! Using an online Animal Crossing Pattern Tool, a small group of KMAC staff created a selection of works for you to decorate your homes, create furniture and clothing, or simply display on the ground.

Nathan Hayden, What Was Magic of Numbers, Hypnotic and Wonders, 2017, ink.

One great thing about KMAC’s collection is that it contains contemporary art as well as American folk art. These artists created objects with materials they had readily available, such as wood, fabric, and clay. The work of Minnie Adkins, Marvin Finn, and Ron Isaacs will feel right at home next to objects you created on your own workbench.

Use KMAC artworks to help craft your perfect home.

We’d love to see how you’re using these designs! Share your screenshots on social media and be sure to tag @kmacmuseum

Simone Leigh,Stack II (2015). Ceramic, wood, gold leaf, and steel. Gift of Julie and William C. Ballard.

Claire Sherman,Tree (2016). Oil on canvas. Gift of Henry Heuser.

Nathan Hayden,Snake Sky 1 (2017). Watercolor on industrial wool felt. Courtesy of the artist and CB1 Gallery.

Nathan Hayden,What was Magic of Numbers, Hypnotic and Wonders (2017). Ink.

Ken Price,Surrounding the Void (1988). Acrylic on ceramic. Courtesy of Rev. Al Shands III.

William J. O’Brien, Untitled (2015). Colored pencil on paper. Gift of Henry Heuser.

Minnie and Garland Adkins, Fox Quilt (1990). Ink, thread, and cotton. KMAC Purchase.

Marvin Finn, Four Headed Goose (1983). Paint and wood. KMAC Purchase.

Ron Isaacs, Conch Shell Stick Frame (1982). Twigs, birch plywood, and paint. Gift of the artist.

How to add KMAC’s art to Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

Note: You must have a Nintendo Switch Online account to download and use KMAC designs on your Animal Crossing island.

  1. Download the Nintendo Switch Online app from your smartphone’s app store.

  2. Open the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smartphone and sign in to your Nintendo Switch Online account.

  3. Select the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” icon located in the Game-Specific Services.

  4. On your Switch, open Animal Crossing: New Horizons and access the game’s title screen.

  5. Press the “-” button on your left joy-con and follow the prompts to access Nook Link settings.

  6. Selecting Nook Link settings will pair your smartphone and Switch using your Nintendo Switch Online account.

  7. Return to the app on your smartphone and select the “Designs” icon under the Nook Link menu.

  8. Click the “Scan a new QR code” button and follow the prompt to use your smart phone’s camera to scan a QR code found above.

  9. Save the scanned design within the Nintendo Switch Online app.

  10. Return to Animal Crossing on your Switch and enter the game from the title screen.

  11. Once you’re able to control your player, get out your Nook Phone by pressing “ZL” and select the “Custom Designs” function.

  12. Press the “+” button on your right joy-con to download your saved design.

  13. Select a blank design slot to save your downloaded design.

  14. Use your design as artwork, wallpaper and flooring, outdoor decorations, and more!

How to add the shirt design to Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Note: You must have a Nintendo Switch Online account to download and use KMAC designs on your Animal Crossing island.

1. Head to the Able Sisters shop on your island.

2. Interact with the kiosk in the back of the shop to access the Custom Designs Portal.

3. Select "Search by Design ID"

4. Input the design ID as shown on the above images.

5. Click "Save" and select a slot in your Pro Designs collection.

6. Select "Overwrite it" and save the design to the selected slot.

7. Exit the kiosk. Press "ZL" and open Custom Designs.

8. Press "R" to access the Pro Designs. Select the design and click "Wear"


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