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The original edition of Kentucky Wide, published in 2006, was the result of a leap of faith. Unsure of anything other than his responsibility to do the work, photographer Jeff Rogers continued looking for scenes to complement the panoramic images he had begun shooting several years earlier. He traveled the back roads in search of locations that would depict a sense of place while also lending themselves to this challenging format. Kentucky Wide II contains 83 panoramic photographs that Rogers shot traditionally, not digitally. Working from 35mm Fuji transparency film using a Hasselblad XPan camera, each photograph was meticulously treated to match the source image on film. Each photo in the book is presented as a two-page spread at least 7 in. high and 20 in. wide. The culture and terrain vary widely across Kentucky, from pastoral horse farms to fields of cattle and soybeans; swinging bridges and the Purple People Bridge that connects Newport and Cincinnati. The state is rich in landmarks and landscapes — Camp Nelson, Red River Gorge, Cumberland Gap, and the Land Between the Lakes, and each are lovingly depicted here in this book. Hardcover, 176 pages.

Kentucky Wide II

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