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Curated by Aldy Milliken

May 23 - September 6, 2015
The Mending Project

Lee Mingwei


The Mending Project is an interactive conceptual installation where sewing and mending serve as a vehicle for sharing. The mender, a volunteer, sits at a table. Visitors bring in articles to be mended, and the pieces remain attached to the threads and piled onto a table to be retrieved at the end of the exhibition. The collective mending celebrates the idea of repair through community and bonding between people.  


Visitors may bring an item of clothing to be mended during museum hours. 


Volunteers will be asked to participate for 3 hour shifts, in which they will activate

the artwork by mending visitor’s clothes and interacting with the museum public. Volunteers are needed through September 6, 2015. 


Contact for more information.



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