Virtual Field Trips

KMAC educators provide a wide variety of virtual experiences with a focus on connecting students to art and creative practice. While the following information offers an overview of available experiences, all of our live virtual programs can be tailored to your educational needs and budget. Please contact us directly at for further assistance.


Live programs will focus on the museum's current exhibitions; recorded programs may focus on current or past exhibitions. Here is a brief schedule of current and upcoming shows:

  • June 19 - November 9, 2020: Where Paradise Lay: Art and the Southern Sanctuary and Julie Baldyga: Heavenly Bodies. These exhibitions look at art and artists from the American South that use a variety of media and deal with subjects like race, spirituality, disability, community, and economics. 

  • Winter 2020-21 will feature an exhibition by Jordan Nassar, an American artist with Palestinian and Jewish roots. It will feature objects from many craft traditions and look at the role of craft in everyday life and other subjects like ethnicity, heritage, homeland, trauma, and conflict.

Pre-Recorded Field Trip

Watch a pre-recorded exploration of a current or past KMAC exhibition.

  • Great for large groups and NTI

  • Available through Google Slides or YouTube

  • Interactive Questions and Guided Activity (needing only paper and pencil)

  • Approximately 30 minutes in length (including activity, possibly 45mins)


Live Virtual Tour with Activity

Watch live as a KMAC educator explores a current exhibition, then complete a simple guided activity. 

  • Great for NTI or classrooms

  • Available through Zoom or Google Hangouts

  • Built in time for student discussions, reactions, and questions

  • Guided activity (needing only a paper and pencil)

  • Approximately 45-55 minutes in length


Live Virtual Tour with Art-Making Kit

Watch live as a KMAC educator explores a current exhibition, then complete an art-making activity with provided materials.

  • Great for classrooms

  • Available through Zoom or Google Hangouts

  • Work with a KMAC Educator to choose the art-making activity - can be a few simple supplies or more complex like weaving with cardboard looms or air dry clay. 

  • KMAC Educator will drop off all materials to the teacher a week in advance 

  • KMAC Educator will lead the making portion of the field trip virtually as well with teacher hands on in the classroom with students

  • Approximately 90 minutes in length (can be split over two days)

Virtual Artist Demos

Bring your class into a professional artist’s studio and watch a virtual demonstration! 

  • Great for NTI or classrooms

  • Includes studio tour, art-making demonstration, and live question and answer with the artist

  • Receive the art piece made by the artist during the demo for your classroom

  • Can add on a virtual art-making activity for your classroom taught by the artist 

  • Approximately 45-55 minutes  or can add an additional day or days

FREE Virtual Field Trips

A limited selection of pre-recorded virtual field trips are available to teachers and others at no charge. Please contact the KMAC Museum education team at for more information.