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About This Suitcase

This suitcase is a resource for students to explore different forms of creativity and communication. Visual Communication as art form is artwork that is used to convey ideas of information to the viewer. This can include signs, posters, advertisements, illustrations, websites, graphic design, typography, murals, street art, graffiti, comics, and zines. The goal of this suitcase is for students to explore the art in the world around them and the different ways art can communicate, educate, and entertain.

Sample Activities

  • Make Your Own Mail Art

  • Add and Pass Mail Art

  • Make Your Own Stamp!

  • Poster Power!

  • Fun with Letters


What You’ll Learn

  • Elements of Art

  • Principles of Design

  • Types of Art

  • Purposes of Art

  • Visual Communication Vocabulary


What’s Inside

  • Lesson plans for activities

  • Information on significant artists

  • Books/Publications

  • Artist's works

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