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About This Suitcase

Wood is a material found in nature that people can use to meet various needs. Throughout history, artists and craftspeople have used wood to make functional and decorative items. Wood can be carved, turned on a lathe, sawn,  and modified in various ways. Different types of wood have different qualities like hardness, color, and flexibility. In this suitcase, students will learn about various techniques used to sculpt and shape wood and discuss the many ways artists can use wood.


Sample Activities

  • Wood Scavenger Hunt

  • Create a Creature

  • Wood Assemblage

  • Speaking of Art


What You’ll Learn

  • Elements of Art

  • Principles of Design

  • Types of Art

  • Purposes of Art

  • The History of Walking Sticks


What’s Inside

  • Lesson plans for activities

  • Information on significant artists

  • Books/Publications

  • Artist’s Works

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