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April 5 - June 16, 2013 
Steve Wilson Gallery, First Floor

In celebration of Kentucky's rich bourbon history and to mark the beginning of Derby season, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and Louisville Clay present anexhibition of ceramic bourbon bottles and shot glasses designed by artists from around the country. Bluegrass Bourbon: By the Bottle/By the Ounce opens Friday, April 5th.


Originally ceramic bourbon decanters were created in the 1950's to help drive sales and offer bourbonfans more eye-catching packaging suitable for gifting. These non-traditional bottles quickly becamecollectors items and were produced for forty years until production ceased in the late 90's.

The pieces in this exhibit pay homage to these vintage specialty bottles in material alone. They are each unique and modern in design demonstrating the endless possibilities that this functional form can take. Over a hundred ceramic artists from around the nation will have work featured.

This exhibit is curated by ceramist Matt Long who is an Associate Professor of Art, and the GraduateCoordinator for the Department of Art at The University of Mississippi. He has had ceramic work innational juried and invitational shows throughout the United States and is particularly known for hisbourbon bottles and whiskey flasks. 

               Louisville Clay is an association of regional ceramic artists dedicated to enriching individual creativitythrough a                supportive community of peers and to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of ceramic art.


Ted Alder
Donna Anderson
Bailey Arend
Michael Ashley
Margaret Barber
Lotus Bermudez
James Biggs
Linda Bowman
James Brashear
Bob Bruch
Doug Caseber
Ashley Kenneth Chavis
Sam Chung
Blair Clemo
Elaine Coleman
Tom Coleman
Kit Cornell
Margaret Boyce Covert
Jeff Dean
Cynthia Deitch
Jennie DiBeneditto
Jody Dube
Robin Dupont
Wayne Ferguson
Dan Finch
Joshua Flicker
Matt Gaddie
Daniel Gardner
Heather George
Jon Glabus
Steven Godfrey
Bob Goton

Chris Graber
Chris Gray
Seth Green

Sarah Gross
Jennifer Halli
Ben Hammond
David Harris
Jason Hess
David Hiltner
Chuck Hindes
Janis Wilson Hughes
Matthew Hyleck
Mike Jabbur
Doug Jeppesen
Kyle Johns
Samuel Johnson
Tanya Johnson
Jeremy Kane
Lane Kaufmann
Karen King
Amy Kline
Anthony Kling
Gretchen Kriner
David Kring
Justin Lambert
Tom Lane
Scott Ledbetter
Tammy Marinuzzi
Verena McLaughlin
Lorna Meaden
Dane Meier

Branan Mercer

Ron Meyers
Judith Miner
Robert Moore
Dan Murphy
Ted Neal
Samuel Norman

Tara O’Hara
Kevin Payne
Cathie Polak
Kristin Pavelka
Peter Pincus
Michael Poness
Martha Puckett
Jeremy Randall
John Reinking
Laura Ross
Dan Russo
Nick Roudebush
Nigel Rudolph
Adrian Sandstrom
JD Schall
Matt Schiemann
Brad Schwieger
Sean Scott
Moh Sebastian
Teresa Shannon
Bob Shay
Luke Sheets
David Smith
Mitchell Spain
Scott Steader
Bob Swaffar
Martin Tagseth
Sarah Teasley
Lawrence Timmins
Nick Toebaas
Markus Urbanik
Meg Walsh
Tom White
Debbie Williamson

Selected Pieces

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