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Brook White is a talented glass artist and the owner/operator of Flame Run, a contemporary glass art studio in Louisville, KY. Brook considers the art of glass-blowing as a pure and simple magical experience. The physical aspect of working the glass and the fire captured his imagination from the very beginning. He realized soon after he began exploring the endless possibilities of glass art that he wanted to pursue this passion full-time.


Brook received the Al Smith Fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council in 1998, and is also a juried participant of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program. His work has been recognized nationally, including at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the Huntington (W.Va.) Museum of Art, the Asheville (N.C.) Art Museum and the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art. He also served as a co-chair for the Glass Art Society 40th Annual Conference (GAS 2010), which took place in Louisville in June 2010.


The Louisville resident has a childlike fascination with glassblowing. A graduate of Centre College where he discovered his passion for hot glass under the tutelage of Stephen Rolfe Powell, Brook transformed his wonder of the medium into a successful vocation. Today he owns Flame Run, the region’s largest glassblowing studio and Kentucky’s only exclusive glass gallery.


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