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Curated by Aldy Milliken

May 23 - September 6, 2015
Grain Pit 2015

Futurefarmers, Amy Franceschini

Lobby of Republic Bank Corporate Center, 601 East Market Street 


Grain Pit 2015 is a structural installation by Futurefarmers’ Flatbread Society modeled after trading floors once used to sell grain. The sculpture was built with reclaimed Kentucky barn wood and will be used for public programs and hands-on workshops about food and economy.


Historically, grain was used as currency and traded in "grain pits" using a method called "crying out." Now, food items are traded as commodities almost entirely online ­ similar to the banking industry. This sculpture symbolizes our changing relationship with food and economy. Community members are invited to engage with the installation as a space for visiting, conversation and meetings. It will be open to the public during normal bank hours, Monday Friday 9am ­ 4pm, from May 22 ­ September 6, 2015.

Moving Units

Daniel Tucker 

Programming will take place both at KMAC and at the Republic Bank corporate center, 601 West Market Street


Grain Pit 2015 will be activated by "Moving Units: Where Food and Economy Converge," a public program series organized by Louisville artist Daniel Tucker. Through five thematic "Units" will engage the community in discussions of how people get food and make a living, featuring Cynthia Main, Schoen, Ryan Griffis, Sarah Ross, the Berry Center and Sean Starowitz. 


The Events:

•   Unit 1: Saving For Later (Saturday May 23, 12-3:30pm at KMAC): Water-tight bucket and barrel making with Cynthia Main and Fermentation Workshops with Schoen.

•   Unit 2: The Global Local (July 16, 6pm at KMAC): Screening and Discussion: “Between the Bottomlands & The World” by Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross

•   Unit 3: Intimate Economics (August 20 - KMAC, 5:30pm): “Intimate Economics” panel discussion with participants from Moving Units and other local food and economics projects in the Louisville region including Steve Trager (Republic Bank), Beth Thorpe (Louisville Timebank), and more.

•   Unit 4: Bread for Work (August 21, 9am-4pm - Republic Bank) with Sean Starowitz

•   Unit 5: Global Commonwealth (August 29, 5pm at KMAC): Screening and Discussion: “After Winter, Spring” by Judith Lit. Co-sponsored by The Berry Center and the Center for Interfaith Relations.


See for full speaker bios and details.

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