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A Louisville native who has traversed the country during her educational endeavors in fine art. First starting in New York, then to Maryland and finally resting, for the moment, in Los Angeles, CA; where Mindy currently resides and works.
Shapero herself has compared her work to that of a run on sentence. This can be evident by some of the rather lengthy, literary titles she has given to some of her pieces.
Shapero's work takes seemingly ordinary objects and materials such as paper, wire, dowels and beads and transforms them into quasi-psychedelic abstract forms that appear both other worldly and yet very organic, ending in a product that itself asserts the notion that these objects are plausible as natural elements, despite being completely fabricated by her very active imagination. An end result that also carries with it a certain whimsy, as if it is brought to you straight out of the pages of a children’s choose-your-own-adventure book. 
While her work may be debated as that of which walks the ever so fine line of craft, kitsch and fine art, a deliberate act of the artist mind you; it is very evident and unquestionable that there is a strong force of innovative talent and imagination at play. Evident by her unconventional use of otherwise conventional materials and purposing them in ways not originally intended. This talent combined with the stories she often writes to accompany her work give it a deeper meaning, and provides insight to the viewer of the entire piece from initial thought/idea to completion. Both the written interpretation and visual components combine to form the true essence of her pieces.  

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