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Wendell Castle

Born in Emporia, Kansas, Wendell Castle is a renowned maker of complex sculptural furniture. With a background in industrial design and sculpture, he transcends the position of craftsman by looking at form before function. As a result, the visual presence of his work overcomes the utility of the object. In his series of clocks, Castle focuses on the concept of time, using voids of space and whimsical forms to investigate how time is affected by gravity. His initial experience as a woodworker has instilled in him an expertise in balancing the weight of material, and creating movement in solid objects.


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Recurring themes:

Domestic Life, Material Culture


KMAC exhibitions:

Permanent Collection: Recent Acquisitions, Wendell Castle: Forms Within Forms


Reference material:

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Topeka Clock

Topeka Clock

Cast fiberglass. Courtesy of the artist and Friedman Benda LLC.

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