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“gentle platinum antibacterial pure essential botanical escapes”

By Kristin Richards

Editor’s Note: This post continues our series featuring KMAC Triennial artists. The KMAC Triennial, on view through December 1, 2019, brings together twenty artists who spent formative years in Kentucky.  Comprised of artworks that preserve certain traditions like weaving, crocheting, drawing, painting, and ceramics, the Triennial also includes the newer territories of conceptual photography, video, sound, installation and performance.

Hawaiian Pineapple: 

Explore the lush tropical landscapes of Hawaii and feel the sweet pineapple scented breezes all from the comfort of your very own kitchen sink. Dip your fingers in the warm sink water, feel the ocean on your skin and let your cares and worries disappear. This scent is sure to make that task of scraping leftover hardened cheese off that casserole dish more pleasurable than a day of sunbathing and reading on the big island. 


For the less adventurous and those who prefer the tried and true power of Dawn without all of the current marketing pomp and frills. (Do pictures of baby ducks count as frills?) This classic is your go to if:  1) you lack the convenience of the modern dishwasher and are still washing dishes with dish liquid by hand or 2) your dishwasher has seen better days and dishes must be washed before loading them into the dishwasher. (Also known as a pre-wash, yet in actuality they are already clean and could be put away. However, you still run it through the dishwasher because a lifetime of programming has convinced you that this is the final step and thus mandatory.) Also used to clean wildlife [insert pic of baby duck here] after ecological disasters. (Thanks BP)

Platinum Refreshing Rain Scent: 

P L A T I N U M - does anything else really need to be said? It’s the best. The ultimate. The Rolls Royce of dish liquids. 

Apple Blossom: 

Fruity and sweet as the name suggests, this scent can in fact be bought at your local grocery store and not Bath and Body Works. Thus saving you a trip to an overcrowded mall full of angsty tweens, entitled millennials, and consumerism at it’s worst (or finest?). Also no sticky soda all over the bottom of your shoes, but if that happened Dawn Antibacterial Apple Blossom has the power to remove all of that sticky, sugary sweetness, and germs - an added bonus.

Lavender Wisp: 

“The flower and the oil of lavender are used to make medicine. Lavender is commonly used for anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, depression, headache and pain.” – WebMD. Washing dishes with Dawn’s Lavender Wisp is basically like popping a Xanax or two. Please use responsibly. 

Green Tea and Honey: 

My order at Starbucks on a rainy Monday afternoon mid November.

Pomegranate and Rose Water: 

The color of my bedroom walls when I was 2. I had a rainbow canopy over my bed and put myself to sleep every night. Age 2 Likes: Strawberry Shortcake (character), books, watermelon, waffles. Age 2 Dislikes: Santa, attention, Jolly Joe (a clown that rode a unicycle across a tightrope in my room; it was terrifying and led to a deep fear of clowns) 


Vicks DayQuil Cold & Flu Relief liquid but for your hands.

Cherry Blossom: This past year The National Cherry Blossom Festival took place March 20-April 14 in DC. If you find yourself in DC around this time of year stop by the Tidal Basin, which is a great photo op for your obligatory Instagram selfie. Amidst the magic of these pink blooming beauties it’s quite possible for one to forget where they are. Unfortunately there isn’t enough Dawn in the world to clean up the political corruption in DC.  

Lemon Essence: 

 “Crafted with essential oils” Dawn’s Pure Essentials line offers consumers a clear dish liquid with complete and total transparency. Literally. Again, something you won’t find in DC. 


Person A walks into the kitchen. Person B looks up and pleasantly greets Person A. Person A “wow, it smells positively delightful in here!” Person A begins to look for what is producing the glorious aroma. Person A “Where do you keep your essential oil diffuser? I don’t see it anywhere.” Person B. “I don’t have one. I’ve been washing dishes.” Person B smiles and hands Person A a bottle of Dawn Lavender Dish Liquid. They continue to smile. Camera pans out. CUT.

The “dawn” series is an ongoing project using dish liquids that examines the culturally intended uses of objects and materials found in the spaces we dwell and questions how those observed physicalities might be exaggerated and/or inverted to reveal or heighten awareness. Embedded within these materials, fragments of memories can be found and ideas of social norms regarding gender roles and labor all of which contribute to existing standards that influence and promote the suburban belief system. Furthermore, the actions and movements taking place within these spaces encourage these ideals and are equally important in creating and cultivating an emotional space. In my work I am continually challenging and analyzing these actions and ideals while questioning if such repetitive, endless, and often times mundane and mindless tasks can be viewed or encountered as a meditation. 


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