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About This Suitcase

This suitcase is a resource for students to get creative while understanding the history of the art. There are many processes for printmaking, and they are all focused on how an image is created on one surface and then transferred to a piece of paper, fabric, or other material. All printmaking processes have the capability of reproducing an image. For example, money is a print that we see every day; the numbers, words, and pictures on a dollar bill have been printed onto the paper. Printmaking is also the way we reproduce images on T-shirts, posters, newspapers, and magazines. Fine art printmaking works the same way, but with a different purpose: it allows the artist to express themselves in a way that is unique to the processes and materials they use. Different materials give prints different characteristics, like texture, line, movement. The goal of this suitcase is for students to explore printmaking while knowing from where it came.


Sample Activities

  • Monoprinting

  • Make Your Own Stamp!

  • Collagraph

  • Styrofoam Relief Printing


What You’ll Learn

  • Elements of Art

  • Principles of Design

  • Types of Art

  • Purposes of Art

  • Printmaking Vocabulary


What’s Inside

  • Lesson plans for activities

  • Information on significant artists

  • Books/Publications

  • Artist’s Works


Jesse Amar

Joline Costello

Phyllis Costello

Chris Dayman

Heidi Endres

Gwen Kelly

Andrea Knarr

Margaret Lester

Andy Reis

Elizabeth Riggle

Cathy Shepherd

Guinever Smith

John Whitesell

David Wischer

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