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Rebekka Seigel is a textile artist from the Cincinnati OH area who specializes in high quality, intricately detailed quilts. While he medium is fabric, the craftsmanship and attention shown to each piece rivals that of any modern, contemporary artist. Each quilt she creates undoubtedly tells a story. Her subject matter ranges from women of inspiration, but historically and personally to Seigel herself, to floral and nature inspirations, Hollywood reverence, beauty and fashion and even to memorializing those of her past and present. Very reminiscent of the scrap-booking of today, only taken a step further and depending upon the fabric and her sewing skills to create images as opposed to a captured and printed image.
In the work “Pre-pubescent Pool Party” , an earlier work of Seigel, you can see the amount of thought, care, consideration and detail are put into her pieces and how it this finely honed skill that brings life into the work, and that sets Seigel apart from your every day quilter. This high level of skill and creativity is helping to push the concept of folk art as fine art, and is helping to blur that line of distinction that has been in place for some time. 

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