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Myra Greene

August 14-November 7, 2021. 

Born in New York, currently living and working in Atlanta, GA., artist Myra Greene has an evolving practice using textiles and photography that considers how our conceptions of race, color and the body are informed by a mix of cultural, social, and material histories. The photo-based work on view compiles images from two of her primary series, Character Recognition, 2006-2007, and the more recent Undertones. Placing herself within the historical narrative of race and photography, both series are made up of self-portraits and use the nineteenth century photographic method of ambrotype, which develops pictures directly onto glass plates. Composed of dyed fabrics, her work in fiber draws on quilting traditions and the Dutch Wax patterns found on African textiles. Through historic portraiture and various forms of labor and craft, Greene’s Spectrum presents her ongoing activations of the body, while also exploring how our relationship to color is informed by a range of culturally embedded implications related to race and identity.

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