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Donny Tolson

The youngest son of notorious sculptor and woodworker, Edgar Tolson, Donald (Donny) Lee Tolson was born in Campton, Kentucky. While his work is stylistically similar to his father’s, Donny’s carvings are often of a broader subject matter and are easily distinguishable from Edgar’s. A family of woodcarvers, the Tolsons use woodcarving as a means of interpreting biblical and traditional stories and bringing meaning to the lessons and morals they teach. Sometimes painting his carvings, the surfaces of the pieces in KMAC’s collection are bare, allowing the qualities of the figure itself to animate the material.


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Recurring themes:

Agriculture, Class, Domestic Life, Spirituality 


KMAC exhibitions:

Hollers and Harvests, Re-Animation: Turning Toys into Art


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Untitled (Devil with Pitchfork)

Untitled (Devil with Pitchfork)

Wood. Courtesy of Mary and Rev. Al Shands.

Jacob Wrestling the Angel

Jacob Wrestling the Angel

Wood. Courtesy of Mary and Rev. Al Shands.

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