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Linvel Barker

Born in Eastern Kentucky, Linvel Barker was a friend of Minnie and Garland Adkins. Inspired by their carving, he began his own work in the mid 1980s, often collaborating with his wife Lillian. Carving from a single piece of basswood, his work is reminiscent of Modernist works, such as Constantin Brancusi’s Bird in Space, often carved from a single piece of marble and smoothed to a flawless finish.


He is best known for his carvings of animals, simplifying their form to highlight minimal details and the proportions of the body. While traditional Kentucky folk art like the Adkins’ consists of brightly painted and carved wood, Linvel focuses on the shape, line, and bare wood surface, sanding his carvings so the forms become delicately balanced figures.


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Recurring themes:

Agriculture, Domestic Life, Spirituality


KMAC exhibitions:

Permanent Collection: Recent Acquisitions


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Linden wood. Courtesy of the artist.



Linden wood. Courtesy of the artist.

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