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Welcome to our new Art Is the Big Idea blog!

This is hardly KMAC's first foray into the blog world. Our KMAC Conversations blog ran from 2012 - 2016, focused on events and exhibitions at KMAC while also highlighting news stories and reviews relevant to the museum.

Our Art Is the Big Idea blog will take that initial idea and expand on it, providing an outlet for us to share parts of our collection not currently on display to the public, giving exhibition artists an opportunity to comment on their work, and serving as a space to discuss issues relevant to contemporary art, both locally and nationally.  

We’re so excited to share this content with you, and hope this space will serve as a conversation starter on larger topics, and a chance to dive deep on individual artists and specific works.  All the while, we want to make sure that art is always front and center as the big idea we’re grappling with, dissecting, and ultimately shedding light on.

We hope that you’ll check back with us each week for new posts and to be part of the conversation.



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