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April 27 – July 26, 2012
Steve Wilson Gallery, First Floor
Al Shands and Bill and Lindy Street Galleries, Second Floor

The year 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the development of studio art glass in America, and to celebrate this milestone, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft  hosted 50 Years of Studio Glass from April 27th through July 1, 2012. The exhibition featured stunning works from more than 60 artists, including some of the most acclaimed glass artists in the U.S. like Richard Jolley, Richard Marquis, Harvey Littleton, John Miller, Nancy Callan, Marvin Lipofsky, Ben Moore, and Katherine Gray. Kentuckys own Stephen Rolfe Powell was represented, as well as established local artists Paul Nelson, Brook White, Che Rhodes and local artists Matthew Cummings, Devyn Baron, Amy Pender and Jonathan Capps among others. The exhibit organized by Lindsay Capps, Rick Heath and Adele Leight, and was generously sponsored by Tomas Aguilera, Rick Heath and Merrily Orsini, Sheldon and Nancy Gilman, Leonard and Adele Leight, JoAnn and Frank Luecke, Mr. and Mrs. Armand Ostroff, Bruce and Marcia Roth, John B. and Bonnie Seidman Roth, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shapira, Mr. and Mrs. Brook T. Smith, The Sutherland Foundation, Mrs. William T. Whittenberg, the Art Alliance of Contemporary Glass, Hilliard Lyons, Saint-Gobain Corhart Refractories, and Brown-Forman.





Aaronson, Adam

Allen, Rik

Baron, Devyn

Benefield, Scott

Bernstein, Alex

Bernstein, Katherine and William

Blank, Martin

Callan, Nancy

Capps, Jonathan

Chihuly, Dale

Cohen, Nancy

Cribbs, KeKe

Cummings, Matthew

De La Torre, Einar and Jamex

Donefer, Laura

Dreisbach, Fritz

Eskuche, Matthew

Fero, Shane

Forck, Jason

Gray, Katherine

Horrell, Deborah

Jolley, Richard 

Julius, Jessica

Kim, Sungsoo

Lee, Jiyong

Levenson, Silvia

Lipofsky,  Marvin

Littleton, Harvey

Lomne, Alicia

Marioni, Dante

Marioni, Paul

Marquis, Richard

Martin, Patrick

Miller, John

Moore, Benjamin

Moore, Debora

Muzylowski -Allen, Shelley

Negri, Martie

Nelson, Paul J.

Newell, Catherine

Pancari, Jackie

Pender, Amy

Powell, Stephen

Rhoads, Kait

Rhodes, Che

Rogers, Michael

Rosenfeld, Erica

Royal, Richard

Rueffert, Amy

Ruffner, Ginny

Rush, Tommie

Stankard, Paul

Sugiki, Boyd

Szösz, Matthew

Tate, Tim

Taylor, Michael

Tegeler, Helen

Walentynowicz, Janusz

White Jr., Brook Forrest

Zerkowitz, Lisa

Zirple, Mark 

Selected Pieces

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